Clutch Fork Rattles

Clutch Fork Rattles


Lynchburg, VA
1979 CJ5 - V8 350 Chevy Small Block, T-150 w/ D20
I have a 79 CJ5. When there is too much play in the pedal the throwout lever rattles against the clutch housing . I have installed a new boot seal and adjusted the release rod so there is very little play in the clutch and the rattling has stopped. Is this Normal or is this a sign of a problem with the throwout bearing?

Background: The bellcrank was replaced by previous owner and NEVER greased; the bellcrank cracked at one end at the slot for the bushing clip and fell off the pivot bolt. I replaced the bellcrank and noticed the rattling after. Also how much horizontal play (passenger to driver direction) should the bellcrank have? Thanks in Advance for your help.
You don't give us a lot of details in your profile. I see you have a 350. What tranny etc.

It 's hard to tell what the PO did. May be he left the clutch fork spring off?

It shouldn't rattle period.

Check out The Novak Guide to Clutches, Linkages & Bellhousings for Jeeps

The bell crank has always had problems with frame flex, like coming off. Check into a hydraulic conversion. No more problems.

You need #24 and #25 springs in place.

Good luck and let us know what you find.
Well I assumed I had the stock T-150 but the Clutch Fork Boot does not fit properly. The boot is too small for the clutch fork window so it does not seal nor properly stay in place. Does anyone know is there another 3 speed transmission that could have been replaced in my Jeep. Again complaints about the previous owner he only had the Jeep for 2 years before selling it to me and did not know very much about the specifics of what was in the vehicle, so I am having to slowly piece together all the specs of what it has. This is also my first Jeep so I currently climbing the learning curve of CJ's. Is there any codes stamped into the tranny case that I could use to figure out the exact transmission?

As far as the rattling fork, Originally There was no boot nor a rear spring (#25 from the quadratec link in 73 CJ's post). I have since put both of those items on and there is no longer a rattle, even though the boot doesn't really fit. Anyone else ever buy a clutch fork boot (52014 01)(#3 from the quadratec link in 73 CJ's post) from quadretec and have it not fit?
Ok did some searching and found the casting number and I have confirmed that it is the T-150. Still don't know why clutch fork boot doesn't fit? Again any one else ever run into this?

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