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North Pole, Alaska
{1980 cj-5, 258, t-176, d300 amc20 rear, D30}{1974 cj-5, 304, T-15, D20, D30 front, D44 rear}{1973 cj-5, 304, t-98,D20, amc20, D30}
{1990 yj 2.5L i-4 AX-5 NP231 Dana 30 front Dana 35c rear}
1996 XJ Cherokee 4.0 HO
{2000 silverado}
{1979 Cadillac Sedan DeVille}
-53*f here this morning. :mad:
Ken98K, its prob a good day to have the hard top and doors on... or at least have the soft top all buttoned up!!! And some darn good antifreeze!
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COLD?????? thats warm here.
-53 is not fit for man nor beast.

Might be time to concider a move . . .
-53 is not fit for man nor beast.

Might be time to concider a move . . .

Believe me, I'm considerin! :eek:

What better place for a heat tech though? :(
O my bad i didnt see -53 ya that is way cold. I would say time to move!!
Opposite problem here, it was hot yesterday, a balmy 81 and clear with a light breeze. I felt myself getting a little color is the sun.

At least today is a little nicer at 75. :D

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