compatability 1980 cj7 auto into my 72 cj6

compatability 1980 cj7 auto into my 72 cj6

owner cj6 uk

plymouth england
Hi i have a 1972 CJ6 over here in the uk with a 4.2 inline 6 and 3 speed manual connected to a Dana 20 transfer case. I have always wanted an auto box and have seen one for sale in the uk out of a 1980 CJ7 inline 6 but its 300 miles away and the guy isnt an expert in jeep mechanicals.
My question is this will the auto box be compatable/what information will i need to find out to confirm suitability if any and will i need any conversion parts to make it fit. Any help anyone can give will be much appreciated. The box for sale is listed as a quadratrac i forgot to mention.
Many thanks alan.
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Hi Alan and welcome to the site :chug:.

Unfortunately I do not have a definate answer for you. I can tell you that the only factory automatic transmission offered by Jeep in 1980 was the quadratrac. But I don't know if it is a direct swap or not.

I'm sure someone here knows the answer though. I'm sorry I can't be of any real help.

Well, it really depends on what you consider a direct swap. It will bolt up and with just a little work you should be able to move the trans bracket, purchase the correct mount and maybe fab an adapter (the cross member is different after 76).

You will need to make a console to hold a shifter, lengthen and shorten drive shafts, run a kick down cable, add the quadratrac vacuum lines and a few other odds and ends.

Since it was offered by Jeep on the 258 - ll the parts should be available to do it - but you will have to
Thanks for the info i am now waiting on the seller to message me back if he has the transfer case for sale and if it is a dana 300 or a quadratrac
Looking at the novak site makes me realise that almost any combination is possible although at a cost made worse by shipping and taxes to the uk.
Please tell me if i am wrong but i assume that a dana 300 transfer box will bolt up to my existing drve shafts and fitted with its matching auto transmission will need very little modification to fit my CJ6. If its a quadratrac transfer box i may have to rethink my options as my mechanical knowledge doesnt stretch to modifying mechanicals.
many thanks for your help though. Alan
I believe that no matter what transfer case you use you will have to lengthen and shorten the drives shafts. The auto transmission is longer then your manual one.
The Quadratak is offset on the rear axle I believe.So unless your CJ6 rear axle is offset it will not work.

I dont think the driveshafts will work either because the automatic/quadratrak is going to be longer than the T-150/Dana 20

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