Cooling System Question (Heavy Duty - Standard)

Cooling System Question (Heavy Duty - Standard)

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Southern New Jersey
1985 CJ 7 6cyl, , 5spd, Dana 300, stock 3:31 rears
I have noticed some different parts items listed for a standard cooling system and a heavy duty system. What's the difference? I just replaced clutch fan and found out there is a difference with a serpentine belt due to the counter rotation. But my 85 CJ7 also has a offset radiator cap opening and a 7 blade radiator fan that I couldn't find a part number for:confused:

Just trying to gain some CJ knowledge!
I was going through an issue with my radiator this summer, and I noticed some different parts for different years too.

Maybe this thread with help a little-Radiator thread
They should, my 81 has a serpentine belt. It is a California model though.

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