crappy headlights?? h4 conversion or hid conversion

crappy headlights?? h4 conversion or hid conversion

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we all will mostly agree, the oem seal beam head lights suck, i live in ny on long island, where the deer cause at least 25 30% of all accendents, and the seal beam lights dont reflect or "fan out" the light like some newer cars. some people even look into spending almost a thousand dollors to have custom headlight made up to use the same hid systems that lexus mercedese and cadilac's and many more cars use now. there is a more inexspensive way to get hid conversions. or even a h4 conversion

im sure most of you heard about the h4 conversion, i have done it to every truck that iv owned that had sealed beam head lights. iv experimented with them as well, here are some dos and donts from my personal opinion from expierence. DO's: glass lenses with a clear look like your window's with no deflecters in the lense. the deflectors should be molded into the back of the housing where the reflector (shinny chrome piece) is behind the bulb. this is a more effective design to help with light shinning off on the sholder for perriferial vision and with these houseing you should be able to see further.ebay sells them serch jeep h4 conversion. if you do not want HID lights i sugest getting the silverstar ultra h4 bulbs they do help.
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DONTS: and this is very important. the plastic lenses are thiner and weaker then the glass ones and with in a year you will have oxiodized lenses giveing that faded orange glow. also glass or plastic lenses that have the deflectors into the lense this looks like the factory seald beam lights you wiill not be able to see the actual bulb. incase you are wondering,

some conversions you can get projector style. this is your own opinion if you want them yea for hid lights they are great they leave a sharp line of sight and leave little "glare back" in the fog rain snow and so forth, but be aware that they do take away from distance and sometimes (faning out of light the spreading of light from sholder to sholder of road way) I DO NOT recoment projectors for non HID applications. here are what i am talking about 83 84 85 86 JEEP CJ-7 7" ROUND H4 PRO HEADLIGHTS:eBay Motors (item 250545788643 end time Dec-12-09 11:14:04 PST) get those and purchase a hid kit as well do not use normal h4 halogen lights. u wont like them

as far as HID kits they arent as exspesive as you would think. 350 bucks, no well if you go to a retail store maybe, 150 bucks maybe at retail store when they are on sale, well what about 50 bucks!? and no not stolen, or fake hid kits or gymics. on ebay motors you can find plenty of EBAY STOREs! with reputable feedback and scores where you can trust. its where i got mine from and i have no problems. here are some things you should consider. and in the link below there are pictures of everything what about to say.
a very big misconseption with color of light and the kalvin measurement is people think the higher kalvin the birghter the light. NO its not, 5000k is xtream white. 6000k is dimond white 8000k is iceberg blue (thats what i haveon my cj) 10000k is brillant blue and 12000k is kinda purpleish. i wanted a little blue so i sacraficed some lighting quality and got the 8000k, 10k and 12k are even more blue and less effective of lighting up the road, if you live the city no big deal. but out in the contry trust me stick with 5000 or 6000k you will see further and they will light up the animals and people so much better. plus 5000k or 6000k wont piss off as many people comming towards you
here is the link to the ebay store i trust the most and deal with once a month for myself and friends and family, just if you buy from them or any other store for hid kits you have to tell them what bulbs your car/truck has (the jeep h4 conversions housing takes a H4 bulb) so you would ask for h4 hid bulbs and what ever color you want, in the link you will see a pic of what i am talking about on the ebay page. XENON HID CONVERSION KITS*9005/9006/9007/H3/H4/H11/H13*:eBay Motors (item 180443032753 end time Dec-12-09 09:16:00 PST)
obviously if you want to do this another truck or car just say what bulbs you have in there its a simple hook up. just sometimes you HAVE to get a relay kit for them or they may not work right, for JEEPs you HAVE to get a relay kit which is plug and play or if you are good at eletrical you can hook up a relay very easy like i did, it is easy and send me a msg and i can help..
i also advise if you get the h4conversion kits even with out the hid kit the relay kit will also help a little with making sure you are getting supiror power to the lights.

after you get your h4 kit or HID kit for any car or truck and need help wirering them or have a problem like one works not the other, or one blinks, just simply msg me with a email or a phone number and i will gladly help im expierenced with hid kits very well. thank you for your time on reading all of this.
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Nice post! We appreciate the info...

Just an FYI - You cannot link to a local image (Image:\Documents and Settings\nacole blair\Desktop\New FolderDONTS) - they have to be uploaded to the site, if you link to a local image only you can see them... :)
if the one link doesnt work, the name of the ebay store is east_coast_hid from north carolina.

and cj, i do apologize for that, im still trying to find out how to add pics to my profile and everything like that.
A side note pretty much any 7" glass lens H4 light will work, so search for the cheapest price, also look for the DOT on the lens, if it's not some anal states could pitch a fit. BTW, VW bugs run 7" lights also, another source for H4 lens and bulbs is bug parts sites.

Most important make sure your wiring is up to the task and all grounds and fuses are good!

I'll check me archive for a good writeup when I get a chance.
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this is true, there are a couple of states that could nit pick and fuss about haveing light housings with out a DOT number on them. but if you do reserch you can find the clear lense ones i talked about that are dot legal, i know for sure rampage, and apc have dot aproved housings. i personally like the rampage you can find them online for around 40 50 bucks
Not having DOT on the housing means more than just the state causing issues. Having a DOT stamp also means that the housing has proper reflector output. I bought a set of NON-DOt 7" lights with H4 bulbs and the refectors are so bad that the light does not throw like it is supposed to. It was a waste of money.

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