Crown fuel and temp gauge bad out of the box

Crown fuel and temp gauge bad out of the box


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1978 Jeep CJ-5 "Levi's" edition, original AMC 304 V8, T-150 transmission, Dana 20 transfer case, AMC 20 rear end. All stock except for a hotter ignition.
I posted another thread voicing my frustrations about aftermarket CJ gauges. Just to make sure that it was the gauges and not me I decided to test the gauges right out of the box.

Fuel gauge: I applied 12v to the I terminal and checked the voltage at the A terminal. It should have read @ 6v. It read a constant 12v. Then I checked the resistance of the gauge with an ohm meter. Ground to S terminal should have been @ 71 ohms. It was @ 57 ohms. Then I checked ground to I. It should have read @ 51 ohms but it read @ 67 ohms. I proceeded to check ground to A and it should have read @ 51 ohms. It read @ 37 ohms. S to I should have read @ 21 ohms but it read @ 32 and S to A read correctly at @ 21 ohms. I to A should have read 0 ohms but it read @ 9 ohms.

I think it's safe to say that the Crown fuel gauge is bad right out of the box. What do you guys think?

It's a moot point anyway I suppose. I've decided to dump just a few more dollars into the CJ (why not, I'm already a grand over budget!! :) and go with aftermarket gauges, speedo included. I'll keep the basic layout but move the voltmeter and oil pressure gauges under the dash and move the fuel and temp gauges in to the stock holes vacated by the volt and oil pressure gauges. I'll drill a few holes to place turn signal, e brake and 4wd lights where I want them.

I'm done with trying to keep the "stock" gauges in this thing.
You might score a good one at the boneyard.Take your ohm meter with you.Just a thought
Good Luck

Yeah, I thought about that. But after looking at some nice AutoMeter gauges and deciding on a "stock'ish" layout I've resigned myself to the after market idea. Better looking, more reliable, updated. Yeah, I'll be very happy with all new, modern gauges. :cool:

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