custom body mounts

custom body mounts

Old Dog

Always Off-Roading Jeeper
Stonelick Lake, Ohio
83 CJ7 350 tbi, TH350, D300 twin sticked & clocked, narrowed Chief D44 Eaton Elocker & Moser shafts, Explorer 8.8 Detroit locker, 410's, RE 4.5" spring lift 1" body lift, 35" Claws, cage tied to frame, Corbeau baja seats, HD tie rod and draglink, u-bolts flipped, custom skid plate and sliders, Warn 9.5ti winch with Amsteel synthetic line
Found this pic. and had to share.:eek:
Best 2x4 HD mount I have ever seen... Looks like treated wood, so that should be ok... ;)
And it's connected with re-bar, what more could you want.:laugh:
Don't see the rebar (am I blind)? But the upper 4x6's really make it safe. :)
look about 1/2 way out the 2x6, looks to me like rebar,(:dunno: )wraped around and up through the "floor" to hold it together.
Kichin got it, love the seat !:D
I think I could at least find an old sofa cushion.
This makes hockey pucks look pretty classy.:cool:
fricken sweet! I think I have the other jeep that shop turned out. Mine is probably the first one since his work is more refined :D
:laugh: I have a new phrase...... You can always tell if the jeep was owned by a carpenter :laugh:
Maybe it was a trail fix that occurred by an abandoned lumber yard? :confused:

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