Cylinder Head Casting Number

Cylinder Head Casting Number


Northwest Indiana
1979 Jeep CJ 7 258 t150,
1995 YJ 2.5
I cannot seem to find any numbers on the outside of my head. On the inside, between the valve springs I did find the number 3227258-1. Can I assume that the casting number is 258?

Had the traditional CJ lifter tick, but didn't think much of it. Developed a valve cover leak that progressively got worse. Pulled the cover to find cylinder 4 intake rocker arm had quite a bit of play in it. Pulled the rod, grabbed a led light to look at the lifter through the hole. Accidentally pulled lifter out of its seat with the magnet of the light. Tried for hours to put it back in until my planned rebuild next year. Unsuccessful. Pulled the head to replace cam and lifters. Head doesn't look horrible, but while I have it apart may as well have a valve job right? Quoted $275-350 from local speed shop. Looked around and with incentives, can get a rebuilt Moore's Cylinder Head for about $200.00. Jeep is a 1979 CJ7 that I picked up this year. I have Limited knowledge of the history other than the P.O. was trying to turn it into a mud racer. Should I have mine rebuilt, or go with the already rebuilt? This is a "right now" toy, a starter Jeep if you will. Not the best candidate for a frame off restoration.
If you have the original head for the engine, here is a link to all the casing numbers AMC put out.

If it is the original head, just from a personal standpoint, I'd consider keeping it, but $200 for a rebuilt is very tempting.
Thanks, have it in the machine shop now, figured the jeep was a survivor, may as well keep as many original parts as possible.

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