Dana 20 TC: A lot of slop...

Dana 20 TC: A lot of slop...


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1974 CJ5 ~ Fresh built AMC 360 - SM420 - D20 - D30F with upgraded 30 spline shafts and knuckles & D44R - 4.27 Gears - ARB Lockers F/R - All chrome molly axles - on 33's - YJ 4" Lift Spring Conversion
As title suggests, I have a Dana 20 TC. The shifter has a lot of free-play in it.

I have yet to take the inspection plate off and check out the linkage to see if worn / broken parts are to blame, or if I'm looking at a re-build on it (as well as the T-15 already needing re-build :bang:)

Any thought on what I might encounter? Or what i should look for on once inspection plate is removed?

The only thing I have ever done with this in the few months I've owned is change fluids out. There was no metal shavings from the TC fluid I drained at that time...

It's always (since I've owned) had this slop in it...

Thanks All,:notworthy:
~ JR
CJ, you the man! :notworthy:

That is cheap enough, for both, that I'm not even that concerned if its not the actual culprit(s), It'll be 2 parts I'll know are new on my Jeep :cool:

Now I've got to hope It'll stay available till payday :drool:

~ JR
sweet well I bought them, now just waiting for them to come in :drool:

Thanks again CJ.

~ JR
The parts came in... that e-bay seller is awesome! :notworthy:

Shipped on Sat, had by Monday when i got home.

Got it all replaced, but not reinstalled yet, planning to remove tranny and take care of all that stuff before it's back in, but the decrease in slop is already very noticeable even uninstalled from the t case...

Thanks Again CJ, really appreciate it man! :notworthy:

~ JR :chug:

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