Dana 30/44 Question

Dana 30/44 Question


1976 CJ-5 Frame Off restoration
Dana 44 rear Dana 30 front
T-18 trans
I'm in the process of a frame off on a 1976 CJ5 and looking to change out the front drums to disks. I have Dana 30 now and just bought a pair of Dana 44 front and rear for cheep (150.00). My question is can I take the nuckles off the 44 and put them on the 30? The Axles came off a 77 scout and the new axle has no gears or carrier. By looking and taking a few measurments they look like it would be a easy swap. Just trying to cut costs and not wanting to cut reset the caster and buy new guts for the 44. Just looking for some input and if its possible. Thanks!!! Also looking for a good AMC/Jeep junk yard in Virginia!! :D
My question is can I take the nuckles off the 44 and put them on the 30?

To answer your question yes. The knuckle tie rod arm is a bit longer on some 44's then the 30, if so should be factored in your plans.

Below is a wagon 44 knuckle on the left and 30 on right.

this is an easy swap
the more modern 44s on jeeps, tjs and jks, use Dana 30 knuckles so that Jeep does not have to stock a lot of different parts at the dealerships
Did the swap today and went way to easy about 3 hours! Thanks for all your input and pics. Now if I can find a good junk yard for AMC/Jeeps close would make this rebuild even easer.
So did you put the 44 in the rear too? They are a little wider by 2-4 inches.

Same gear ratios front 30 & rear 44?

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