dana 300-T150???

A IH Scout Dana 300 will work but not the Jeep Dana 300
If you are considering buying an adaptor for it I would strongly suggest a newer trans that will bolt right up.The 3 speed doesnt have a great gear split.A T-176 /177 would be cheaper than an adaptor and will bolt right up with stock parts.Plus its a 4 speed
Hold onto that t-case and wait till you see a good trans come up in your price range. Look for a T-176 4 speed and swap out that T-150 . Or theres always the option of selling that Dana 300 outright for something else you want. Dana 300s around here go for $200 to $250. If you have your eye on something in that price range , Craigslist the t-case and go shopping. :D
my 79cj is stock, to the best of my knowledge.....i got a free Dana 300 tcase that i want to put in... will it mount to my T-150 tranny???

I have good things to say about T-150 three speed transmissions, the only thing I would say that would be worth the effort to swap to would be a t 18/19. The three speeds has the advantage of having a straight shot from 1st to reverse and back again, I have found this a bit of an advantage when dealing with mud, being able to "rock and roll". Going from 1st to reverse with a T-176 /7 is an all day trip, pack a lunch and make a day of it. If a 2.6 to 1 low in the TC impresses you and you need a 4 speed to get there than a 6/4 to 1 should really blow you away with a T-18 /19. That’s the difference of about 40/30 to 1 vs. 20 to 1 in the final drive. (I think it is more like 48/32:1 and 21:1 but this is just off the top of my head). Do the math and see which gives you the most bangs for your peso. And in south Alabama do you need a gear box that climbs trees and rocks or does well in red clay?? And then again I grew up in North Alabama; they didn’t call it Limestone County for no reason. I guess it depends on what kind of fun you want to have.

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