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Dana 300

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Who sells the complete crossmember mount for the dana 300? Mine has seen better days so I need to replace it. Cant seem to find it on 4WD.com.
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Of all the 300's Ive pulled off of jeeps Ive never seen a cross member for one. normally they just hang off the back of the trans.
Throttle Down Kustoms as Purple has already said.
Give them a call 406-374-2285
Throttle Down Kustoms Home

Or just build your own. Can you weld?
With the help of a welding friend I made my own. I first bolted 2 angle iron pieces onto my frame. I then welded a crossmember between them. Then I put 2 transmission mounts on the crossmember. Normally the OEM mount is one tranny mount and a doughnut cushion mount but I don't like that design.
Here's what it looks like:

Here it is from the side. I cut the angle iron pieces to have a taper at the front and rear.
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The PO installed an aftermarket crossmember and the mount between the crossmember and TC looks alot like a tranny mount but dont know for sure.
It could be, from the factory you should have only had a tranny mount with torque bar on the tranny near the T case, which would have bolted to the skid plate. And no mount attached to the T case.
A picture would help greatly. If you need the skid plate/tranny cross member that works with a D300, I got two in Loveland.
Here are a few pics.






That looks OEM.
It always thought it looked jury rigged. It was like the factory put a tranny mount on one side and then someone said "we need some type of mount on the other side" and then someone found a rubber insulator for the other side.

Looks like you just need a new torque arm bushing. Easy to get. Trans mount bushings are also easy to get. Metal piece looks good.
That top bushing is pretty much gone. I will be dropping that skid plate so I can get a better look at whats going on in there. Need to get it squared away before the run in Aug.
I ordered the polyurethane bushings and a new mounting stud.

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