DANA 44, Dana 30 and transfer case ID HELP!!!!!!

DANA 44, Dana 30 and transfer case ID HELP!!!!!!


1983 CJ (restoring) 258 6 cylinder, 5 speed, 3 inch lift
1990 Wrangler YJ Sahara loaded. Hard top and all the bells and whistles!
1983 CJ5...my sons
1979 CJ7
1964 IH Scout 800 2 inch lift. IH V8
:confused: I just bought a 1979 CJ7...started restoration already!!!! I will post pics soon. As I was crawling under it I found these markings....

Dana 44 rear end.
Circle symbol with an A and a C next to it... C-35284

Dana 30 front C37671
A1 1036

Transfer CASE
300 596 125

I am trying to determine what I have...what the ratios are, if they match etc. ANY HELP APPRECIATED!


TEXX :cool:
I don't know the tags and I don't have much trust in them anyway. When you have a Jeep that is at about 3 decades old it is anyone's guess if the axle gears have been replaced.
To test it yourself raise one tire. Rotate the tire and count how many times the drive shaft rotates for each rotation of the wheel. If the tire rotates 8.2 times for each rotation of the drive shaft then the axle gears are 4.1 (you have to divide the number of rotations by 2 since you are only rotating one tire)

You should have a Dana 20 TCase. You can make sure because it has the shift levers supported in front of the TCase by a tubular pipe. It also has an rear output shaft in the center of the Jeep. The rear differential is in the center of the axle.

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