Dana44 ???s

Dana44 ???s


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What would a matched pair of axles be worth? I'm going to look at a Dana 44 amc30 pair w 4.10 gears and drums.Assuming they are in good shape what should I expect to pay they are from a 75 CJ5.
In the NW used axels can be all over the map but a Dana 44 that has been rebuilt would fetch $750 to $1200; straight off the donor $200 to $400. The Dana 30 not so much but rebuilt $500 to $800, straight off the donor $75 to $250. A lot depends upon what’s in them too, lockers, Limited slip, gearing, etc, and if the guy parting out the jeep knows what he has.
Don't know my self hoping the guy gets back to me soon his ad says a total of 750 for the pair and I don't know what if anything has been done to them. Don't want to pay too much but also don't want to insult the guy or pass on a fair deal. Just need ballpark ideas of what the going rate is.
I can pay $100 for a Dana 30 around here at any time. A Dana 44 CJ rear might go for $200 or so.
The Dana 30 with drums brakes is not the desirable one. you want disk brakes off a '76(?) and later CJ.
Unless these have something special about them (rebuilt, lockers, ect.) I'd pass or offer about $250 for the pair.
Around here if they are just stock NT axles, maybe a couple hundred bucks.
If they have lockers or upgraded axle shafts the price would go up depending on what upgrades they had. Figure 1/2 of the upgrade price new.
For $750 they would have to have at least lockers (detroits or selectables) not lunch boxs.
Thanks for the replies talked to the guy to day and the axles are open diffs. Pretty sure you guys saved me alot of dough. Haven't decided if I'm even gona go look 40 miles away. and if the guy is listing em at 750 not sure that I could talk him down to half that.
Don't forget to look for Scout Dana 44 rear ends, both a Scout 2 and a Scout 800 will be great in the back of a CJ. You will have to weld on new spring pads but no biggie.
We paid $400 for Front and Rear Dana 44's from a scout. They were in decent shape and the rear had a tracklock. $750 for a 30 and 44 I hope it has a ARB in it. Good luck to you.

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