dash cmponents

dash cmponents


russells point,ohio
258 ,5 speed,manual
hey guys just bought an 85 CJ7 ,has no top yet ,think the previos owner used it more for a toy than a primary vehicle,im wanting to work on it to change that ,dose any one who owns an 85 have any photos of there dash that i could use as a reference to start this project,alot of wires were cut ,also a picture of a 258 5 speed engine would be great ,there is a (what i believe is a heat sencor that hes been cut as well ....was no thermostat when i put a new one in could use a bit of advice.the engine runs well 4 whell drive works good body in great shape for an 85 ,would love to hear any input:D
ya that and the undernieth to use a a reference,bought a chiltons and im lookin at buyin a dash out of another cj in a few weeks,the guy i bought it off of cut alot of wires ,so guess what i get to play puzzle boy and return it back to its prior glory may take a bit but im dedicated:eek:
Ive got a complete dash laying in a building, that I could snap a photo of, but not real sure I can get to the building,... right now I cant even get down the lane. I went and visited from the road last night, there is a 300' drift about 4' deep and 10 wide running most of the length of the drive. Somebody else here on the site might be able to help in the meant time.

The used dash your getting, is it coming with wires ? If so, and its not hacked, and similar year, it might be plug and play.
if you could be a little more specific i could take some pics, i have a complete dash out of a 84 scrambler that i can get some good pics off of.

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