Dash Pad or Not

Dash Pad or Not


SW Michigan
1977 CJ5 304 V8 3 speed Trans Fiberglass front end,
My Cj has a Blue (assuming Levi Edition ) Dash pad that has been dyed at one time and the dye is cracking and peeling, I think I would like to take it off and buy a Cover for the wiper motor. What are others opinions on this ??
I think they are ugly, I like the old school look without it.
I just took my cracked nutmeg pad off and went to the (black) wiper cover look. I like it, but eventually I might get another dash pad. For now it looks 100 times better than the cracked pad that was on there.
I personally like them and will be keeping mine on. I don't think Renegades look right without them. Yours could be blue or Levi Edition blue. Levi Edition blue has a bit of white in it to give it that worn denim look. The blue one though looks like this:
Im with Old Dog on this one. Trash it
I like the look with the dash pad I'll be leaving mine on. It hides alot of ugly stuff.
I thought about routing out a spot from the back side and installing speakers in mine. Its in great shape except that it too was dyed and the tan denim is starting to show. Are these things worth anything?
Ive had both ways, This one I took off to get rid of a mouse house. Like it this way for now. Easier to get dash off this way to.
I like the clean simple look of no dash pad and a stainless wiper cover, looks more timeless than the welcome to the 80s pad :D
I have an aftermarket dash, it was on when I brought the jeep. I have taken it off, but it just doesn't look right to me.

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Keep the pad, but take it off and have it recovered to match your interior...ties everything together for a nice look.
Thanks for the replies I took mine off and I like it better even makes it seem more roomy,

Now I just need to get me a wiper motor cover..

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