Dash removal

Dash removal


-1969 CJ5
New to the forum and to Jeeps so please bear with me.

Just purchased a replacement steel tub for a CJ5 (69 vintage). While looking at it last night I'm wondering how to remove the dash panel. The replacement appears to be welded on at various points. Is this correct? Cut the welds and it will drop out?
Are you sure the welds you see are not for threaded studs attached to the back side of the dash?

Where did you get the tub from?
I got the tub from a guy that bought it for a project but never used it.

Are the dashes bolted in?

Another question: the tub I purchased has a swinging brake pedal but a hole in the floor for the clutch. On the firewall there is a very small master cylinder (photo attached). Does this look like a Jeep master?
I've got a 60 CJ5 and mine is welded to the tub, swinging pedels thats sweet, got the same in mine, here's a pic of my dash to help inspire you

I really like the gimbaled drink holder!!:cool:
I really like the drink holder. Any info on how you made it?
I really like the drink holder. Any info on how you made it?

The ones in my CJ were installed by the PO. You can get them at Academy, Gander Mtn., Cabelas, etc. They are made for a boat and called a bar bouy I think.
Pretty much standard equipment where I live!:chug:

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