Dash speaker size

Dash speaker size


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I plan to install 2 dash speakers in my CJ7. What size seems to fit best? 5 1/4?

I plan to install one on the left side of the steering wheel and then one installed close to where the original right side one beside the glove box.

Stereo will be in my Tuffy center console :D
I just replaced mine. 5.25 is what you need. I had problems finding ones due to most 2 way speaker I found had the tweeter too far out past the mounting face. I found some that I could make fit by shimming the mounting studs. Can't remember the brand and out of town for a while. Thanks for the heads up on water damage. When I was alot younger I had a 75 cj5 and forgot about the wet pants legs.
Pick up some rubber washers for a few bucks at ACE and use them as shims on the mounting studs to separate speaker from dash. Will keep the dash from rattling from vibration when playing anything with bass.
I bought the mod pod for my Jeep so I can add some 6.5 inch speakers in the front and the T-18 sifter is mounted so far forward the pod won't fit. I was pretty mad until I got another CJ and now it will fit that Jeep.
Thanks guys! Plan to do the install this weekend.
they make shallow speakers, in regards to the tweeters, its usually the more high end,
JL audio, boston acoustics,
If I was going to try and get the best bang for my buck
JBL makes great speakers and they are reasonable priced esp compared to the two above and they have the shallow option

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