Dashpad 1980 CJ5

Dashpad 1980 CJ5
1980 Golden Eagle CJ5, 304, Borg-Warner T150 with a Dana Spicer Model 20 Transfer Case
Hi to everybody,

I´m looking for a dark brown coloured Dashpad, Jeep Marked for my 1980 Jeep CJ5 ! My current Dashpad is light brown coloured and the seats are dark brown...

I always thought that the seats and the Dashpad colour should be the same!

Can anyone help? Thx. :driving:
Check quadratec, or morris4x4, alot of places carry them, although you might have to paint it with vinyl paint to match. Click the sponsors link at the top of the page and you get a pretty nice discount you'll need it cause they ain't cheap.

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Thank you very much... indeed I know the pages, they are very good! I was wondering if there is a way to avoid the painting issue!?

Do you know where to find instruction on original Jeep triming? It seems that my Golden Eagle is quite original, however I have some doubt as the colour of the dashpad is a diffrent brown then the seats!


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