Dauntless V-6 Parts

Dauntless V-6 Parts


Northeast CT
1974 CJ-5
I finally got my Jeep from dealer in Florida and it came in with a ton of little issues. I found it to have a dauntless v-6 but they had put some crappy air cleaner on it and plugged all the vacuum lines. Obviously it runs like :dung: and I need to find stock parts to get everything working properly. Does anyone know where to get original parts (mainly an air cleaner)? I have searched ebay and there seems to be nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Have you tried this website?
It has made a big difference for me.
Good luck
Early CJ5.com > Forums
Where can I find a dauntless v-6 I would like to have one, and possibly put it in my 86 CJ7, just to have a little more power and to be differant from the rest of the pack. I haven't looked for adapters if need to mate up to the t-176 that I have all ready. Just a thought for in the future. I'll check for adapters. Thanks:)

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