Davis Unified Ignition Info

Davis Unified Ignition Info

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Current Setup 1985 Jeep CJ-258, 6cyl -T-5 5spd 273 gears.
Has anyone used the Davis Unified Ignition (HEI) on their AMC V-8's. If you have how did it perform? It looks like a straight forward installation. I am looking for a great ignition upgrade that is simple and effective for a 1973 304 V-8 with a points system. They are going on the web for $299, which I think is pretty good.
I just installed a D.U.I. in my buddy's FJ-40 and it made a big difference in throttle response and power. I am personally running an off brand G.M. style H.E.I. with my 304 and it works great- had it for 2 years now and was $200 new. The biggest problem is the drive and cam gears. The stock cam gear is soft and my new dist. ate it up in two weeks. BIG MESS:mad: I suggest either a set of matched gears or swapping the drive gear from your old unit. Also so you don't have the same problem as alot of guys with TDC at install, take the cap off the old unit before you take it out and turn your motor till the rotor is pointing at the intake or something else and make a reference mark. Install the new dist. with the rotor at about 30 deg. past that point and it should turn back when you drop it in and match up to your mark. Then with a twelve volt keyed hot and stock ignition module in the trash you can open the plug gaps to .055 and you are ready to go!

Sorry if TMI- I can't stop myself sometimes:D
Thanks Buuushman for your reply. Do you know if they make a cam gear upgrade for the DUI system to replace the stock one which is softer?
What HEI system are using? Did you have to upgrade your cam gear with this HEI What have you done to your 304 in regards to performance mods? I am looking for some more ideas with mine, I have gotten some great ideas from many people on this site. Thanks again for you help.
MSD Ignition 8007 - MSD Iron Camshaft Mounted Distributor Gears - Overview - SummitRacing.com

This is the one I used when mine failed- I know someone makes a matched set but I gotta do more searching.
Comp cams has great downloadable software to find the right cam for your application.
so far I've done the intake- Edelbrock proformer 304- the carb- Holley 390 2bbl- Cam -comp cam-mild offroad grind- I can dig up the L&D for you if you want- G.M. style H.E.I.-off brand- Prices range from $99- $300- I went middle of the road with a unit from Quadratec.com $200. Headers from craigslist- don't know what brand- and 2 1/2" exhaust through Dynomax mufflers. Got good lope at idle and spins my 32x11.5 pro-comp mt's on dry pavement pretty easy. It's all the motor I want for now- gotta find a decent and inexpensive 2" lift before I go any further.

Need any more info let me know:chug:
Sounds like you have a very nice set up on your Jeep, Buuushman.
I found the cam gear and distributor gear sets at Bulltear.com as well as a HEI unit for I believe $178.00. You should check out that site if you don't know about it. It's got all AMC parts. I am also looking for a 2.5 lift kit. I am probably going to go with a Rough Country brand for a little over $400 dollars and then a 1 inch shackle lift with it. I don't want to have to buy a drop pitman arm, drop the transfer case and change my brake lines, since I will be using 31 inch tires. So you are happy how your 304 goes with power and torque?

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