Old Time Jeeper
Altamonte Springs, Florida
1979 CJ-7, Newly rebuilt AMC 360!, fully rebuilt GM TH400, Quadra-trac TC w/Milemarker 2x4 conversion, AMC mod 20 rear w/1 piece Moser axleshafts, mod 30 front w/tie rod flip and castor correction shims, 4 in lift, Centech complete wiring harness, dual electric fans on 3 core aluminum radiator, tilt steering wheel, 20 gal poly gas tank, new J20 steering box, MSD 6A ignition combined with TeamRush distributor mods
My mind was drifting today, and was wondering if anyone had a good source for factory decals... Or at least factory looking..

I have a 79 CJ7 with the Renegade package. It was originally the dark reddish color with the orange and brown stickers on the hood and along the rockers... Had it repainted back around 1999 and did away with any decals at all.

But lately I've been missing the look of those orginal decals, and was just wondering if it would be a bad idea to put those on the hood and have them clear coated to make them more permanent...

any thoughts at all would be appreciated.

What he ^ said.
Wow...thanks for the link!!!
Do you have experience with this company?

I called them to ask if their decals should be sprayed with a clear coat for protection. The man said "no", they dont recommend that, but they know of lots of people who have done that with no problems.

Any thoughts?
I don't yet, but that where I'll be getting mine from.
If decals are vinyl. You can't use a solvent based lacquer over them or they will melt the adhesive around the edges and peel up while the coating dries. I don't think there would be any benefit in coating them anyway.
What about these water based paints that are being pushed nowadays? The reason I can see for wanting to coat them is to protect them from fading or cracking and chipping. If these are indeed vinyl, what could be applied over them without any ill effects?
I'm guessing you could use a clear polyurethane. If the coatings are clear and don't have any UV inhibitors in them then the decal will still fade. My biggest concern would be part of a decal peeling up and then compromising the clear coat. If you left the decal uncoated and it go torn then you could just replace that section without having to sacrifice the clear coat.

My experience here is Limited to boats and musical instruments. We use shellac based sealers over vinyl decals followed by either spar varnish or nitro lacquer. The shellac has some amber in it to provide some UV protection. Also, if you wanted a smooth finish it will take 12-15 coats of finish to overcome the thickness of the vinyl. Hopefully, someone that has actual experience with vehicle finishing will chime in, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Just thought I'd share my Limited experience and perspective.

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