diesle swap in 84 cj7

diesle swap in 84 cj7


ladysmith va
84 cj7 in process of off frame resto-mod
when I introduced myself I was planing to instal a stroked 4.0, but in the last few days I found a new idea of producing diesle from algae. This made me think about puting a diesel into it instead. I already need a new trany but would like to keep the d300 transfer case. Are their any ideas as to the best way to go with this idea. Thanks
Huh you just opened a huge can of worms on that one :laugh: It all depends on what motor you want a diesel realy needs a diesel tranny because the gear ratios are close together to keep the revs low. I would go with an NV4500 its the most universal heavy weight truck tranny out there and the cummins 4BT seems to be the popular diesel swap :chug:
torque torque and more torque. :cool:
There are several writeups out there in internet land about swapping Isuzu diesels into CJ's

Also, If Im not mistaken, Jeep/Chrysler's in the UK are introduced from the factory with Diesel powerplants.
Jeep + Diesel = aCHUB :eek::drool::notworthy:
Sorry but the day i put a diesel in my 8 im gonna get :wasted:

I have been toying with the idea for a while and just cant find an engine cheap enough to buy.

A lot of the links on jeep2diesel are dead, but there's a lot of good info on there. I met a guy, quite a few years ago that had a Cummins 4BT in a CJ7, he said that jeep2diesel is where he got a lot of his info.

Fuel Economy for Jeeps

A good write-up on Novak Adapter's site about Diesel swaps.

Official Cummins 4BT Swap Thread for CJ-7's - JeepForum.com

I guess what I'm getting at is, there is TONS of info out there on the internet about swapping a diesel (weather it's a Cummins, VW, Mercedes or Jeep CRD) into a CJ/YJ/TJ. It's all going to depend on your level of confidence, and competency, and how deep your pocket book is.

My vote though, turbo charged Cummins 4BT with a T18 trans and a D300.... :drool:

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