Dimensions / some parts locations - fiberglass install

Dimensions / some parts locations - fiberglass install


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Hey guys/gals - I'm gonna try and hit this Jeep hard before spring arrives, but I need some help with where to locate some things. My body is mounted, but I am having trouble with some of the accessories. I scrapped the rotted tub before taking any measurements :eek:, and if any of you could find it in your hearts to do some quick measuring when you get the time, I would greatly appreciate it. I did a quick search but nothing turned up. I alos put the important keywords into my post title so future members like myself can find this thread and maybe add to it. My jeep is an '86.

  • E-brake- Vertical and horizontal location of the park brake assembly's top bolt hole on firewall should suffice.
  • Tail lights- vert and horiz placement
  • Gas fill- mine locates PS rear under tail light.
  • Holes in floor for the shifter and 4wd engage assemblies
That's probably it for now. If someone else needs some body measurements please feel free to post in this thread.

Thanks Chris


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