Distributor Caps

Distributor Caps


kaplan louisiana
1978, cj5, 304 V8, T-150 transmission, Dana 20 T case , all driveline stock, currently a project that is not running.
Can anyone tell me if there is an HEI (male plug wire connectors) style distributor cap that will fit my motorcraft distributor . I don't like the female type plug wire connectors. I think I saw a thread that showed one for the prestolite but can't find it again.
read through this article Genuine Junk Yard Genius.com Ignition Upgrade, Jeep 258 CID I-6 it has the info you are looking for in the basic upgrade section. you use the cap adapter, rotor and distributor cap off of a 1981 ford 300 6cyl, and it converts it to the big cap style along with the terminals you are looking for.

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