Distributor issues

Distributor issues


Mason, Ohio
I recently purchased a 79 CJ7 in rough shape. It was running ok and then strated throwing up water out of the exhaust. Found out it was a blown head gasket. I got the heads checked and new gaskets installed (the engine is a AMC 360 V8). I put everything back the way it was and I tried starting it last night and it doesn't ignite. I hear the starter going and the engine starts turning. Any ideas what is wrong? Could it be a bad distributor? The distributor was working fine before I replaced the head gasket so I am not sure why it could be that. I also was surprised because the starter solenoid has a wire for the "S" i guess starter, but none for "I" I guess ignition. It didn't have this when it was running fine though either. Could that be the issue. Any ideas would greatly help.
If you pulled distributor out, is it back in the right position and not 180 degrees off?
And you can pull a plug, or use a spare, hold it to a ground turn the engine over to see if it is firing. If it is you have the distributor in wrong, if not firing something wrong with distriibutor.
What they said ^^^
When you put the distributor in are you sure it was TDC on the power stroke and the rotor was pointing at #1 plug wire terminal.

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