Do you have a nice rack?

Do you have a nice rack?


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FORMER: 1979 Jeep CJ5 w/ stock 304 V8, T-150, Dana 20 transfer case, Dana 30 Front & AMC 20 rear, MC 2100 carb, 31x10.5x15 (8" wheels), no lift (HD leaf pack), Warn 8274 winch, ~99K miles.
I'm thinking of building or buying a rack to hold an ice chest and (maybe) gas cans. On my '79 soft top CJ5 , I don't have a rear bumper, but I do have a tow bar and a rear spare tire (fixed mount). It does not have a fold down tailgate. Cost matters. I have basic gas welding skills and equipment.

I'm curious about your experiences with:
  • Building versus buying
  • Carrying capacity and the possibility of tub damage
  • Design suggestions

Pictures are appreciated.


My wife does
She Knows I thinks so and will say it.
First thing I ever noticed about her was that wilderness rack on top of the Jeep.
OK time for a serious answer

how good are you with welding and fab work?
the reason I ask is to get one that you get everything the way you want, you build them, however it is a complicated project and you need to look at a lot of bumpers to get ideas, like at an offroad show.
It really is nice to get that weight off the tub and onto the bumper/frame.
a lot of trial and era will be involved. but you can save over 500 dollars to over a grand depending on how much you are going to do.
Now as far as buying, I always like the modular rack Wilderness has out. I ran one on my TJ, it is a great rack, screws shut so it takes the abuse of long trail rides. I like that a lot, I have gone through quite a few Racks because they would not stay shut or were bending out. The wilderness was one solid unit, I would recommend it to anyone.
try they do nice work (your way) and at a great price! if nothing else, go to there comments page and page down to bottom to see what they did for me. after the pic they added a hi-lift jack to back
(vertical in center).

my jeep rack is just what i wanted at about 1/2 the $$$ of the other guys!


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