Does anybody know where cb radios are mounted in the cj's?

Does anybody know where cb radios are mounted in the cj's?


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I was woundering where you are supposed to mount a cb radio in the cj. Is it supposed to go in the normal radio slot, or do you mount in under the dash?
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I may be wrong, but I don't think there was a stock mounting location for a C.B., it will be about convenience and security where you mount it.
Its your CJ mount it where you want it!!!
It goes where you want to reach for it. I have mine in the center console which happens to be an ammo can. My stereo and amp are in there also.
I have allways mounted my CB where the footman loop goes on the windshield frame or Full cage. Easy to hear and reach. I got some steel
with the holes in it from HomeDepot and bent it up and cut it to lenth.
I have done this on all 7 of my Jeeps that I have owned cheap and easy
that where the truckers have them.
I think you will get about 20 bizillion answers to that question
I think the choice is where you want it, or your fab skills are to put it
I prefer mine in the full roll cage above me in the middle, I run 2 radios there, 1 CB 1 Ham. but not all jeeps have full roll cages, most have roll bars so in the dash where the entire world can see it or in a safety console between the seats may be better.
I have a full cage so mines overhead, otherweise the center console sound like a good spot.
I mount mine on the front of the console when I need it. Otherwise it sets on the shelf in my garage. I don't need the thing all the time. I really just don't want to listen to all the potty mouths when/if I had it permanently mounted. I have a magnet mount antenna that I put on the hood when I put the radio in.

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