dome light in hardtop on 1984 CJ-7

dome light in hardtop on 1984 CJ-7


Pacific (NorthEast) Washington and Las Vegas 1/2 y
1984 CJ-7 (just bought it, so I have to do some work and see what it has in it.. other than 4.2L Auto.. 4" lift, 33" tires... my '75 had a 304 2" Burbank supspension, warn winch, full cage, all the goodies, the '79 had a 401 turbo charged hi-po with t98 or 18, which ever one had the granny low first gear (never can remember which).. had all the items needed to 4wheel, none of the show and go poopie.. I don't believe "chrome will get you home"! I'm also not one to go out to see if I can tear up my jeep, I go where I must, usually with a group that I hung with.. Used to be part owner in Diablo Off Road Center in Concord California.. Jack Essex owned Diablo 4WD, George Clause was Mr. Base CAmp, and mine was "Sounds Etc" all under one big roof "the Diablo Off Road Center"..
my plastic cover is missing, can't seem to find anyone that carries this part, also, if there is a LED replacement unit, I'd be open to that.. thanks for any leads.. wayne
Try going to an RV supply store or a shop that sells pick up toppers, or a trailer dealer. They usually have all sorts of dome lights.

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