Earth Point for Heater

Earth Point for Heater


Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Stock 81 CJ-7
Hi Guys

Just a quick question if i may, where would a good place be to start looking for the earth strap for the heater, 4x4 light and oil pressure switch be please?

We have had bad snow ( well for us bad) and old swampy is a tad damp. The 4x4 light was working so was the heater. after my water pipe burst and the enginge compartment got a little damp the heater doesn't work, neither the 4x4 drive light and the oil pressure gauge is going up and down like a good un'.

If i leave the heater off the light flickers on and off, but as soon as i turn it on the light goes out and the oil switch needle goes to 0. so i'm guessing my earth ( or a electrical block has got wet, everything else seems to work fine.

Thanks if you can point me in the right direction as it's dang cold in that there jeep atm :grinjeep:

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