Easiest way to remove the engine block?

Easiest way to remove the engine block?


I have a new question and I dont mean to distract from the current problem but what would be the easiest way to remove the engine block? I am putting new headers on and would like a little bit of help. Does any have any recommendations for brands of headers?
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It would be best if you start a new post on this. you will get more answers to your question without tying up this thread.

If you are just putting on new headers, Remove the fenders. Just a few bolts and you will have unrestricted access to the exhaust system.
I run Hedman headers on mine, but they are starting to rust. Think about getting whatever you buy coated, like therma-coat or titanium coating (thats what I will use on the next set)
Re: Maint. Problems/questions

Hi Nick! If you can go to your profile and fill in a bit of information about yourself and your jeep, It will be a lot easier to have some of your questions answered. That way, someone can know what year, trans / T case, front and rears, engine, etc you have, and what you do with your Jeep. Plus, we get to know each other a bit better! Depending on the year and size of your engine, there are diferent ways to install your headers.
I have a 7 with a AMC 304 and inside frame rail headers. I can get them very easily like mlcj5 said by removing fenders. Also worked on the 5 I had. If you plan on keeping the jeep more than a few years, get them coated. The headers on my jeep are only about 5 years old, and look at the pic. They were not coated. Summit has some good sets, and you can get them coated or uncoated.

First of all check the fenders. Unscrew the bolts and get the space for exhaust system for ultimately putting new headers.!
Titanium coating are a lot in use these days. Apply them on ur specific header. Done for it? Rite?

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