Edelbrock performer intake on V8 - What gasket?

Edelbrock performer intake on V8 - What gasket?


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1982 CJ-8 w/ AMC 401
1979 CJ-7 Renegade w/4.2L Project
PO installed an aftermarket intake on my 401, which I believe is an Edelbrock performer. Can a standard OEM type gasket and valley pan gasket be used or do I need a special gasket set? I'm sucking air in through the gasket right now and it's only getting worse.
pretty much what CJ said stock gaskets
If you have a heat shield on the bottom of the intake, OR you are not using the exhaust crossover, you can get away with not using the valley pan. You can get "normal" gaskets from Summit Racing.

Also, take the end seals you get with any gasket set and toss them in the trash. A bead of RTV works MUCH better. You just have to be more careful in setting the intake in place.

Some reading material.
gonna install my edelbrock performer and 4bbl - International Full Size Jeep Association
On "Black Betty" '78 CJ5 w/360 when I got around to leaks around the intake manifold I used the valley pan (aka oil deflector pan) and the rubber end gaskets that came with my Fel~Pro intake manifold set. I used Gaskacinch on all mating surfaces and a dab of Ultra Black Permatex at the corners and on all bolt threads. Nary a weep at the intake manifold....
:rolleyes: wish I could say the same for the other small leaks. (pan, transfer case, etc)

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