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Electric Fan


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I am thinking about installing an electric fan on my 75cj5 It has a 4.2 in it. What brand should I look for and how hard is it to install? Do I just take the four bolts off the fan blades and leave the pulley. I am really nervous about this one....:confused:
There's tons of info out here on the ford Taurus electric fan or contour dual electric fan junkyard swap.

I did a fair amount of research on it, including the wiring details etc.

I believe "Jeephammer" has done some real good write-ups and wiring diagrams on jeepforum

Heres one (Not from Jeephammer, but still good one with some interesting twists): Ford Taurus Fan Install

and Just google "Electric fan swap cj" you should get enough to read about for hours. (I did :cool:)

I'll try to search up and re-find some of the better ones i found for you.

Here was the thread with some of my research and links: http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f2/clutch-fan-electric-11419/


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Do I just take the four bolts off the fan blades and leave the pulley. I am really nervous about this one....:confused:

Those 4 bolts secure the pully to the water pump. Simply remove the fan and re-install the bolts.
I want to buy a new electric fan from morris 4 x 4 or quadratec. One specific for the cj. Any ideas:notworthy:
Buy a new contour replacement fan instead. It fits as well (or better), pushes more air and can be replaced if broken by ordering from any parts house.
Youre on the right track now Tonka. DO NOT get a generic fan that is secured through the core. I havent done this particular one but Im guessing the nice shroud on a factory contour one can be modified to bolt to the rad.

Either jegs or summit sells an improved control system now too; I think its by flex a lite. The common relay system isnt the best because you get a big 100amp hit when the fan starts. Ive used a delta current controller before and was happy with it.
Who has done the contour swap with a 4.2??
I seem to remember it being done with a V8 but I think the l6 is a bit closer to the radiator.
Please correct me if I am mistaken.
I used a Taurus fan and had to be rather creative with the placement of it.:D

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