electric nightmare

electric nightmare


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79 cj5 258, t150, dana 20 transfer case, dana 30 front, 20 rear,warn hubs,2.5" procomp lift,teamrush,msd box,mc2100 carb,hedman header,clifford intake,optima battery, ford shock towers.
well i thought i would try to get my dashlights working. what a mess. alot of people told me it was the headlight switch so i bought a new one. put it in and this is what i get. if i put a testlight in the socket it lights up. put a bulb in nothing. pull the switch out headlights come on volt gauge goes to 0. turn the nob for the brightness of the dash lights shuts radio off. o boy i have no clue to even start. all the lights on my aftermarket gauges is on a toggle i put in going to a spot in the fuse block not being used. the power for my tach and radio are going in a spot in the fuse block not being used to. had to do all of this cause when i got the jeep the dashlights didnt work to run the gauge lights to and couldnt fined the powerwire for the radio.
its weird sometimes when i have the blinkers on the testlight will flash and sometimes it dont. i would honk the horn but it got messed up when the turnsignal switch fried lol.
well i sanded the grounds on the speedo and they work now. thanks brock
when i get the heater core and blower motor done ill have to figure out the fuel gauge.
Going with the stock heater and a chevy blower motor?
My fuel gauge started working when I connected a ground back at the fuel sending unit.
Hot damn! Another satisfied customer! :D

Great Job!

lol cj. thats what i was thinking about doin brock. thanks. ya stock core with blazer motor.

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