Electrical Issues

Electrical Issues


Menifee, CA
1986 CJ7 258 CID, 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, D-300 Transfer Case, Dana 44 diffs front & rear
I'm hoping someone has an answer to my dilemma!
Jeep was running fine , then it stalled.
Tried starting it and it smelled as if it was flooded.
I have a Howell throttle body fuel injection system and didn't know you could flood the motor.
Well I took the ignition module out had it tested and it tests good.
I tested the coil and across the terminals I got 0.00 ohms and from the ground terminal to the coil output I had 8.2K ohms is this correct?
I tried using a screwdriver going from the coil wire to a ground source with the ignition in the start position and bumping the starter solenoid to turn the engine over but no spark, any thoughts?
Need to get back on the trails!

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