Electrical nightmare

Electrical nightmare


el paso, tx
'78 CJ5 - 258 cu inline 6, T-18 trans 5 spd,
'10 Wrangler V6
I have finally succumbed into replacing the original wiring harness, and have bought a universal wiring harness to help with the cost. Whoever owned my '78 CJ5 before me really did a job on the wiring. They had spliced so many wires that I don't know what went to what. I have gutted out all the wiring and have started laying in the new wires. I have even bought new gauges just in case the old ones were shot. I am using the chassis diagram to assist me, but majority of the wires do not apply now. I have all the main wires layed in the engine, but am confused as to two things regarding the engine. First, can I just bypass the ignition module and run directly to the distributor or do I have to run through the module. Second, where on the engine block does the water temp sensor line go? I am not seeing any area on the block for it.
Well hopefully I can finish the wiring over this weekend. Thank you in advance to all.
The first thing you need to do is fill out your vehical info so we know what you have for an engine, ect.
I can tell you that you need the module.
Sorry didn't realize that I didn't update my info. All set now; bear in mind I don't know all the specs, kind of learning on a curve here.
I believe you will find the temp sending unit on the drivers side rear of the cylinder head.:cool:
actually its on the right side :chug:

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