Emission parts

Emission parts


Fairfield, CA
1981 CJ-5 Renegade 304/V-8
I am getting desperate:( Trying to locate emission parts here in CA is turning into a pain in the behind! I just started working on my 1981 Renegade and even though it has been in my family since 1987 (it was my first vehicle), all the emission stuff was pulled off by the PO (in AR) and since having it shipped out to CA for a restore, finding emission parts is near impossible, at least so far. I need a air pump, pulley, and mounting bracket to start with. Anyone want to offer up some advice? My local parts guy gave me the number to a guy in So Cal that only does older Jeep emissions, but you would not believe what he wants to charge for the stuff. I'm hoping I can find it somewhere....
Welcome to the site chodette :ww:

Man, I sold all of my stuff off last fall... Post an ad in the wanted section of the classifieds, I think I remember at least one member posting that they had recently removed all of the emissions stuff. Hopefully someone can help you out.
I am feeling really stupid right now...I cannot figure out how to post. Looked in the FAQ. Do I have to have 10 posts before I can post to the classifieds?
here is a pump.

1981 JEEP CJ5 Air Pump

Call Colins Bros. you may get lucky with the rest of it. they keep quite a few used parts like this.
There's a guy in Ukiah that was offering some emmissions parts last week. Check Mendocino Craigslist.
Thank you Gillmore. I just came in from working on the Jeep all day and I will definately check out Craigslist. Thanks again for the heads-up!

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