Engine bay cleanout

Engine bay cleanout


new jersey
1982 CJ-8 456 gears, ARB Air Lockers F&R, T-4 trans Dana 300
my cj runs like :dung:. it misses surges, stalls, and i can smell unburned fuel. BUT! it passed emissions
go figure

anyway i am going to "Nutter" it and want to get rid of the air pump, vacuum controls and all the mass of lines etc.

i have an old exh. manifold w/o air injector holes or ox sensor.

all i want to have left is the cat converter, charcoal canister and pcv i think these 3 things are a benefit.

is this do-able and am i going about this correctly?
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yep you sure are. only thing is if you remove all of the emissions :dung: it won't pass a visual inspection. with the right adjustments people have gotten it to pass a tail pipe test after the nutter bypass How to - Nutter Bypass - JeepForum.com is this the instructions you were linking to if not this is the best i've seen.
actually the air pump is benificial to have hooked up as well as egr.You will need some stuff to pass emissions also as mentioned.
that link is a good one i forgot about that 1 tkx
well when they inspected it they didnt open the hood. i think all they care about is the tailpipe.

"actually the air pump is benificial to have hooked up as well as egr"
can you please explain
"actually the air pump is benificial to have hooked up as well as egr"
can you please explain

While the air pump my help the CAT in the long run the real reason for the pump is to add air (oxygen) to the exhaust after cylinder combustion to allow any fuel that was unburned to burn prior to exiting the tail pipe. Upon leaving the cylinder temperatures of the gases are high enough that a little oxygen is all that is needed to complete the burn of the left over fuel. This of course is to reduce smog but there is some energy/horse power drained from the motor to turn the pump. The EGR valve on the other hand has no discernable energy loss but in fact adds to the longevity of the engine by cooling the temperature in the cylinder during combustion. Lower combustion temps reduce smog out put and reduce wear to the engine components. I would leave the EGR valve in place.

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