Engine problems

Engine problems


1972 CJ-5: 304 v8,custom four speed transmission, Dana 300 T-case, Dana 44's front and rear.
I have a stock amc 304 v8. It has a rough idle, sounds like I'm missing a cylinder and it bogs down really bad anytime I try to give it gas. I have to constantly feather the throttle to accelerate. I've replaced the spark plugs about 5 months Ago but could that still be the issue or could I have a clogged fuel line for the bogging or what? Open to any suggestions.
Have you checked the timing?

If its off 5 degrees or so concider looking at the timing chain. They used to use a fiber gear that would jump the timing chain making it hard to start as well. Rough idle had to pump the throttle as you describe Then it jumped another tooth and wouldn't start.

Has the motor ever been worked on?

A 72 should have points unless somebody upgraded. Maybe a weak spark?
I don't even know. It's got a lot of aftermarket stuff on it and its so jury rigged I couldn't tell ya. It won't even start today.
Well sounds like you need a manual or a buddy with a manual and start looking.

Check the easy things first.

Fuel, compression and spark

Can you see gas squirt when you work the throttle?

Compression should be OK cause this came on suddenly.

Spark? Put a timing light on. Check the dwell of the points. :D
Fuel is good, just cleaned the lines and a new filter, all new spark plugs and wires as well as distributor so that shouldn't be it. I have compression but my valves aren't opening all the way with the gas so that might have something to do with my bogging down on acceleration. What does a timing light normally cost? Any brand suggestions?
Not sure I'm following here with you saying your valves aren't opening all the way with the gas...Could you explain that one a little more?

As far as a timing light, just go to your local Advance or Auto Zone. They have several there on the shelf, IIRC a basic one is about $20. You won't need one with timing adjustments unless you're going to really get into building/tuning engines.
The butterfly valves on the carb weren't set properly causing the engine to be too lean so I tweaked that but I may have a solution, tell me what you think. The carb keeps flooding when I try to crank it and it turns over just fine but will not spark. I have new plugs And wires in it, all linkages and cables are good so the last thing I can think of is a distributor itself. I've replaced or checked everything else.
I would suggest pulling a spark plug and inspecting the deposits on it. A good repair manual should have a spark plug page in it to compare with. This would indicate a rich or lean condition to start with.
All of that is clear. Just checked it. Running a bit rich but not a lot. Sill won't start.

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