Engine swap radiator

Engine swap radiator


central kansas
83 CJ8, 304 vs, automatic, stock besides motor.
When I do my 304 to 360 swap, I thought I would replace the radiator. I have

heard that the 360 will run hotter. What are a good reasonbly priced

aftermarket radiator that will cool my 360? Do I need to run electric fan or anything like that? TIA :chug:
Check and see if you can get your radiator recored by a local radiator shop. Using the same top and bottom it should fit right back in. The oem CJ radiator is a two row and it can be converted to a 3 row. Or, you can buy an aluminum one for big bucks and it won't last as long. I would recomend using the stock 7 blade CJ fan with a new clutch.

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