engine swap?

engine swap?


the dalles
85 Cj7
258 AMC straight six
hey all

My jeep has a blown engine, its an 85 CJ7. I have an chance to purchase a straight six from 1979, will this fit right in? will it bolt right onto my T5 trans? the motor for purchase has trans, transfercase and all. will that just bolt in too?

thanks for your help!
go to the novak adapter site and do the research, they have everything you need to know about the swap and you will find out how much it will cot in adapters to do it.
you should already have a 258, your profile says straight six. if that is the case, the only thing you should have to worry about is the emissions stuff. make sure you keep the bell housing and clutch if you are just doing the engine swap. if you are planning on the entire drivetrain, then it would depend on what you have and what you are putting in
The block and head on the engines should be the same. Camshaft profile would be close if not identical.

To remain emissions legal you'd want to swap all of the emissions stuff, along with the carburetor (and maybe even the intake manifold) from the blown engine to the replacement.

The transmission and t-case would most certainly not be the same. Some minor fabrication of the trans mount may be required to get it to work but nothing huge. If you took the 79 trans/t-case, you'd lose overdrive. With your axle gearing set up for the T-5, you may really want to keep that overdrive.

If you keep your current transmission/t-case, swap the bellhousing from your blown engine to the new one. If it were me, I'd put a new clutch on the replacement engine because it's already apart and easy to get to. A new clutch plate and disc doesn't cost much and the best time to replace it is when the engine is apart already.

If it were me, I'd probably just swap the engine and keep your trans/t-case. It's basically bolt-and-go. It's a lot of bolts, not to mention vacuum hoses and other little stuff but you can almost do it entirely with hand tools in a day.
I think thats what ill do. as long as the 79 engine lines up and bolts to my t5. plus that way i can leave the trans in the jeep and not mess with the t case and driveshafts
I think thats what ill do. as long as the 79 engine lines up and bolts to my t5. plus that way i can leave the trans in the jeep and not mess with the t case and driveshafts
that would make things simple and be a way to do it, however stabing the tranny input shaft will be fun this way but is doable. You will need to have an adjustable jack under the front of the tranny to keep it from nosediving and monitor it till the engine is free.
Do yourself a favor and remove the front clip or at least the grill. That I-6 is a long engine and this will help give you a little more room conidering your leaving the trans in especially. I did when I replaced the 304 in my CJ5 with a 360 and it made things alot easier.

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