Ever do or see a wood bed??

Ever do or see a wood bed??

VT Woodsman

Northern Vermont
1978 cj7 304 v8 , 4speed which i think is out of a newer cj. Im pretty sure it has a stock transfer case.
I dont have a rear seat for my CJ7, but i think i have a cool idea. I would like to do a wood and chrome bed , like the type you sometimes see on ford f100 from the 50s. What do ya think, could it be done, what about any downsides.....
You could do a mock set up to get an idea. I have not seen one but it does sound like it could be cool looking.

Made me think of an old 54' Chevy truck I once had.
A wood bed would go really well with a set of 12" shackles and a PVC snorkel,:laugh::laugh::laugh:
the gas can carrier is quite innovative.:cool:
I vote no trying it on a 7. Where would you separate it? the "bed" of the Jeep is pretty much equal to the rear of the door-line. The back of the front seat "cab" is in the rear wheel-well.

On a Jeep Comanche maybe...

Just the floor of the rear maybe, but the only thing between the gas tank and the passenger compartment would be wood. If you have inspections, that may be a no-go.

Plus removing large amounts of metal compromises the tub greatly, it probably will not be nearly as rigid. Ever see a 'flatbed" CJ7?

Stick with the body filler plan, or get some panels welded in. If you do the finish work, it can be cheaper than you think. Most of your jeep is flat panels. Flat panels are Easy to work on.

It's your Jeep, do what you want. And plan ahead. Once the sawz-all comes out, you may change your mind.
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All good points, plus i was thinking about what if i get caught in the rain with no top. I guess ill just go the herculiner route.
the bed on a pickup is a separate body from the cab, so the cab is till stable when you use wood down there
but in a jeep you would be cutting out a lot of the structural strength of you cab
I will not tel you not to do it, but if you try it make sure you do a lot of strengthening of the cab
I would just lay the wood down on top of the steel of the tub. I would also think that I would only use 1/2" thick wood so not to take up to much room and also not to have that much of a lip when you drop the tailgate down.

If you make it out of Oak then it won't matter if it gets wet. and also if you use a good Marine varnish it will last almost forever. or longer then you will worry about it.

Lots of luck with it....:chug:

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