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1986 Jeep CJ

Mostly stock, 258 c.i.d., T-176 tranny, Dana 30 front, AMC 20 rear, Dana 300 t-case, 31x10.50 tires, 2 inch body lift
I had to replace the water pump on my Jeep. While I was in Advance Auto Parts, the parts clerk told me that I also likely needed a new fan clutch. Not wanting to argue with the young lady, I added the clutch to my purchase and came home to find (as I thought)...there is no fan clutch on my Jeep!!

The current set-up has the fan blades directly mounted on the V belt pulley with through bolts that go into the nose of the water pump.

Did all '86 Jeeps come with a fan clutch (if so, how would I mount the thing to what I currently have??), or is the current direct-drive fan set-up correct for a Jeep without A/C? :confused:
Your CJ is 23 years old. :) I'm sure the PO dumped the fan clutch years ago. :) If it's not overheating, I wouldn't worry about it. Put it back together the same way it is now, return the clutch and get a few beers for the weekend! :chug:

According to Morris, the 86 CJ did have a fan clutch -->> Cooling System Parts - Radiators, Water Pump, Fan, Radiator Hoses & Belts for your Jeep CJ5, CJ7, CJ8 Scrambler, Vintage CJ5, CJ3b, CJ2a, MB, Willys by Morris4x4

Thanks! I don't see how the fan clutch would fit on my current set-up, unless there are some parts missing. Do you know when Jeep started using a fan clutch?

This is yet another strange thing that the PO did. I've also got a manifold that does not match up with with an '86 should have. I wonder if the whole engine is from an older Jeep?? How could I find out??
The other thing is...Shouldn't it, in theory, get better gas mileage with the fan clutch??
My '74 Cj has a (unknown year) 360 in it that is equipped with a fan clutch. I can't say if the original engine didn't come with it.
The spare 360 came out of a '88 Wagoneer, and it also came with a fan clutch.

Thanks! I'm not sure why, but the link is not working...

Unfortunately, looking at things more closely, the fan that I have will not work with a clutch. So, I would have to add a clutch and a fan to get back to what the Jeep is supposed to have. Or, just leave it as a direct drive.
Sorry that link just links back to your post above, kinda a catch-22 think...
The other thing is...Shouldn't it, in theory, get better gas mileage with the fan clutch??

In theory, yes, you should get better gas mileage with a fan clutch, as the engine isn't pulling the fan when the clutch isn't engaged. But the intent of the fan clutch is to maintain a constant temperature. I don't believe it was designed for gas mileage.

Here's a thing I pulled off of the internet about the fan clutch:
"The fan clutch is just what the name says, it is a mechanism that will clutch the fan on and off depending on the need for more or less cooling air to flow thru the radiator. It is a thermostatically controlled device that when operating normally will vary the fan speed independently of the engine speed. When cruising down the road at freeway speeds, with outside temperature less then desert conditions, the fan should be merely be idling along, turning just fast enough to add a little air flow when needed, in this way the fan noise and drag on the engine is greatly reduced. When reducing speed, the fan clutch will sense higher temperatures thru the radiator and “clutch up” thereby increasing the fan speed to help maintain constant engine temperature. It may in fact, cycle as the temperature of the air thru the radiator changes depending on airflow. If the fan clutch operation is normal, when first starting the car, the fan clutch should “clutch up” and an increase in noise and airflow should be obvious. After about 60-90 seconds, the fan will un-clutch and the noise and airflow will drop. The fan will continue to turn but at a much reduced speed. As the engine warms and the thermostat opens to regulate the temperature, the air thru the radiator gets hotter and the clutch will sense this, thereby increasing the speed of the fan to maintain a normal operating temperature."

I hope this helps.
Do your self a big favor and go with an electric fan.:cool:
Do your self a big favor and go with an electric fan.:cool:

An electric fan is probably the best route. I think I'll leave it as direct drive for now until I get around to doing an entire fan swap.

...Of course, now that I have to get a new radiator, is there a specific type to be used with an electric fan? Or, can an electric unit be mounted to any standard radiator?
Go to your local pick in pull find a ford contour with dual fans and get a controller at your local parts store and some of those radiator strap things and be done with it.
I am running Taurus (Tauri?) fans in both my 88 wagoneer and 82 cj. I had to cut the shrouds up a bunch to make em work but I am told a dual contur fan is the way to go on a cj by another jeeper as it sits tighter to the radiator. Neither trucks have any heating issues.
I'm here with you in MD. I must say, when out on the trail, an AL rad is invaluable. But if your not doing any slow speed crawling, any 2 or 3 core rad will work fine.

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