how do i make r jeep faster? it nevr moves like our car. its very slow like my bike. daD SAYS ASK HERE.
Hello 46cj. There are many ways to make your CJ faster. I'm curious as to why you would want your CJ to be like your car.

A CJ like yours is really great for what it was intended to do, go places that no car could ever travel.

I think that you would be better off enjoying your Jeep for which it was intended, work!

If you still want to make your CJ 'faster' then we will need much more information. You need to tell us everything there is to know about your Jeep - such as modifications, engine, transmission, differentials.

Why don't you discuss this more with your Father and get back to us.
You mean to say faster. As for a jeep, you could improve its speed by upgrading engine performance. Also, by good and proper use of clutch.
What is it ordinarily used for?

Presumably you mean faster on the road. Usually, on-road and off-road improvements are very different and usually conflict. If you want to make it a road car, you can set it up in a very different way to how you would if it is an off-road car - transmission, engine, torque allocation, and of course engine modifications, amongst other very important factors!

Essentially, if you optimise it for road use, you're likely to regret it if you then need to go through the mud and its performance is hampered by whatever you did to it!
You could try using customized fuel. Your regular fuel + 2-3% pure alcohol. Not only does that increase speed, it also makes engine maintenance easier.

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