Crazy Sr. Respected Jeeper
Twin Falls ID
'84 CJ7 - 430hp 401 on propane - T18a/D300 twinsticked, Superior axles, Lockers, full boatsides, Warn 8274, OBA, 36" TSL's.
Is there enough interest on this board for a propane conversion write-up? I have a lot of pictures from my conversion and thought if enough people were considering it or were curious about it, I would do a writeup. Not gonna waste my time if the interest isnt there :D
The more info out there the better. I may never get to do the conversion, But I am always open to learning how to do it, if for no other reason than to educate people who bring it up in conversation...
Oops...I didnt mean to make that a public poll...now I know who the smart@sses are :D
Sure, show us how it's done.
Can we get the write up and the bacon video?:D
Would love to see one!! :notworthy:
Have propane on my old 79 fort truck with a 400 in it, love it! Just got to figure out how i would mount a tank and keep the backseat... :rolleyes:

Youd be the man Jim!
Bring it on!! I want to try it out too but I want to see someone else do it first..
yeah lets see it. mail me some bacon, this fat boy likes bacon, bacon sandwiches, bacon biscuits, bacon wrapped steaks, bacon wrapped bacon, bacon salad, bacon bits, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon on my taters, bacon in my mac and cheese, applewood bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon.


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