Fiberglass Hardtop Repair

Fiberglass Hardtop Repair


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So today I purchased a set of used doors off CL and when I got there the owner said he would also give me a hardtop for free as it was broken. It is for the same year as mine so I grabbed it and brought it home. I now have it in place (temporary) on my CJ7 but I am looking for suggestions from someone that has done this kind of thing before. I also got the window and gasket.

What are the best types of fiberglass and resin to repair the factory top?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Here is a couple photos of what I am dealing with.

I just used the autobody type on a top I cut down to make a half cab.
Picked up a kit and the needed extras from napa or autozone.
Do a Google search on fiberglass repair and you can find a lot of info on the web. This is one I watched several times before I tried it. There are many videos on line so look around and find what you need to see before you do your repair.
A couple of things to remember is do not mix a lot of the resin/hardener, in large volumes it will harden quickly. When it hardens it gets hot so be careful.
Safety, gloves and breathing mask are a MUST when grinding or handling fiberglass.
As you are laying the mat in and brushing the resin/hardener on try to get as much of the air out from under the mat as you can. This will help make the strongest repair possible. It is the mat not the resin/hardener that puts the strength in the repair. A good heavy mat and just enough resin/hardener to saturate the mat and make it adhere to the repair surface is what you want.
If you mess up you can always grind it out and try again.
One more thing is, CLEAN is important! It will not bond good if there is dust all over the parts.


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