Build Thread Finally getting started! A Cj7 restoration topic.

Build Thread Finally getting started! A Cj7 restoration topic.


South Jersey
Cj7, 258 I-6, T18, D300, D30, Amc 20
I don't have time to post many details at the moment, but here's 2 pictures just to get started with.

Details to come...
man alive that tub is so rusted it just folded, huh
nice catch was looking at the same thing
think it be time to find you a better tub
I went to look at a new toy for bouncing around town 76 CJ5 went to test drive it and the whole brake/clutch pedal assembly just tore off the fire wall talk about a rust bucket better I found out before I bought it never seen that happen before guess there's always a first
any how good luck with your project and keep us posted :chug:
i got mine off with my excavator and it pretty much folded like a hotdog bun. I lifted it with wise but u got a good start...and it was all bondo haha

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