Finished the spray liner finally.

Finished the spray liner finally.


85 CJ 7 Straight 6, currently being lifted and tuned.
Thanks for all the input. Raptor liner was easy to spray.
Looks great. Thats one of the things I will be doing next. I have also decided to do raptor liner. How much did it take to spray the inside. All four bottles or less. Any tips for me. I also plan on doing my hard top
Used 3 bottles kept 4th for any touch up. Prep, prep, prep, is the key I spent a week prepping. fixing small rust spots and resealing with body sealer and priming and wiping down several times with acetone based cleaners. Put it on heavy in traffic areas like front floorboard, tailgate. and bottom of tub by rear seat. not so much on the sides.
Thats looks very nice. Not clumpy like some of the DIY products.

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