first race this year in the CJ!

first race this year in the CJ!


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
Wish both the wife and I luck tomorrow! We are in the first mud bog race of the year for the local area and hope to do as well this year as last year.
Its a charity race for the local fire depts, so its a good cause also. :)
Also making plans to attend the MUDfest party in Sparks, OK in late July! Should be a great time there, also!

I wish you nothing but mud a flinginging and dirt a flyin'!

When your done, go to the local $1 charity car wash... But give them $20 and I'll cover the rest... I used to love watching the dejected faces when I drove up after a mud run, but the grin when I left was worth it...

Take a video and upload it here for us to take a gander at! :D
I dunno if they have a charity car wash here (although that would be a good idea this weekend!). I just use my little 1200 PSI washer and spend hours instead of dollars to get it clean again...

Will do on the video, hopefully I can get a good camera man for my run this year (my bride sux at taking vids! (dont tell her I said that, tho! :O)
Well I can't decide if it was a good day for us or not...My bride once again took first place in the woman's open class...after running a total of about 20 feet into the bog! She started out strong, had a great launch, then all of a sudden the engine just shut off. Tried to re-start it, but acted like the battery failed and had no juice. Got towed out and off the track, where I figured out the NEG battery terminal was melted and had lost contact...
Got it re-started, threw another battery in it, and I set up for my run. Had another strong launch and a good start. Got to about 35 foot and it starts hiccuping like it was flooding out, dieing soon after. re-started quick enough, but had already been red-flagged, so I tried to blow it up while being towed out. The officials didn't like that too much!
Still dunno what the problem is, it runs strong enough until it gets onto the track, then it cuts out. Guess it needs a better mechanic than me to figure it out now.
So, she won $120. I guess that makes it a good day altogether. (I'm not supposed to mention that she was the ONLY woman racing all day, so she technically won the race by lining up for it...)
Video might get up if I can make this *#^&% Vista computer recognize the video camera.
any vids yet? and remember any bad day of mudding is better than a good day at work. :chug:
any vids yet? and remember any bad day of mudding is better than a good day at work. :chug:
Welcome to the site KicknJeep! :chug:

Interesting member name... :) Kinda what we do when our old CJ's get a little cantankerous huh? :laugh:
Sorry I've been wrapped up in other projects and kinda forgot the vids...this new Vista 'puter won't work with my camcorder so I have to dig thru the old XP machine and remember how to load 'em up...:laugh:
yea there is, but this is the first thing I am having real trouble with...all the other thing I have trouble with are normal....
Coldwater go outside and rub the hood of your Jeep and utter the words WUSA! WUSA! and don't forget to breath. Well it works for me :p
Heres one off the small camera...I'm still having issues with the video camera... And nope, this rig's not mine! :laugh:
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LOL - I like all the stuck trucks... Everyone gets to participate weather they want to or not!!! :)

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