Fixed it to break it

Fixed it to break it


Laramie, Wy
1985 cj7, 4.2L I6 w/.06 overbore, T-5, dana 300, amc 20, dana 30, 4.10 gears
Yesterday I took my cj out for a test run after replacing my rear u-joint for the second time in two weeks. And I broke my driver side hub. Was going over a good sized rock and heard it break and watched pieces of it bounce on the rocks next to me. Starting to think that this thing does not like me.

So how hard is this going to be to fix? I think that this fix is pretty start forward, but I've said that before and was wrong.

Also I read somewhere that you could put a little oil in a drive shaft and that will help balance it. Will that really work? Any advice would be great. Thanks
yes, that will be easy to fix. Just have to buy a new pair of locking hubs. Easy install.
One thing to add - the bolts that hold the locking hubs on NEED locktite. If you are one that doesn't always use locktite these bolts are ones that will constantly come loose. Don't ask my why. Even with locktite I still find after a year or so they come loose. Just last weekend on a camping trip I noticed one of these bolts was broken and two others were loose even though I used locktite.
I noticed in your picture there are two bolts missing. That may be why the hub blew up.
It was only missing one, but one of the bolts was so loose that after the hub blow I just took it out. Thanks for the locktite tip, I still need to get some.
Let me answer my own question about why these bolts always come loose. Unlike most bolts that just hold something on these bolts experience twisting forces as the hub rotates the wheel. This side to side force on the bolt causes it to loosen. If Loctite is used then the locktite gets ground until it is ineffective.

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